Retro-Futuristic Synth-Pop, Via Voltage creates electrifying art that you can dance to. This is the newest venture by the magnetic husband and wife duo J.D. and Natalie Osborn.

Feeling an absense of great synth-pop music born out of the 80’s they decided to give it new life in an current and exciting way. What really makes Via Voltage unique is their powerful use of the duet. Counter-melodies, harmonies, and interwoven melodic conversations glimmer across the stereo spectrum.

The Osborns have composed original musical scores for the film The Preacher’s Daughter, a promotional video for TEDx Houston, and several radio PSA’s for the Houston Area Women’s Center. They were also featured on a tribute album to outsider artist Jandek(along with Jeff Tweedy of Wilco and more).

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