Ember Music MIXCast 022 – July 2014 – Electro Pop

The Ember Music MIXcast is a regular helping of tracks by artists of the Ember Music label. This mixcast was compiled and mixed by William Bendrot.

This month has an Electro-Pop theme and contains some old and some new tracks by Ember Music artists, including a track from the brand new album from Fake Empire, “Lucent Memories”.

This MIXcast features:
01. Via Voltage – The Face of Truth
02. Fake Empire – Lucent Memories
03. Band Without Hands/Akisma – Comfortable Ignorance
04. 12th House – Imagine The World
05. Coreena – Love Repeat
06. MobiusB – Surround
07. Stratosphonic – Heart of the Metropolis

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New Kickstarter Project From Coreena


Ember Music artist Coreena has launched her Kickstarter project: “CD RELEASE LIVE PERFORMANCE

Money will go to purchase the following music equipment & music album manufacturing for CD RELEASE performance!
In my live performances I’m a one woman show! I like to sample, sing and construct songs live on the spot. I need the following equipment to do it!

Music Sampler – To harmonize and sing along with myself!

Effects Pedal – Makes it sound shiny 🙂

Mixer – Gotta make sure it sounds right to me and the audience!

Album/Wax manufacturing and production costs will cover the amount raised, yes actual Wax Albums. Having music on album is a great addition to offer and listen to music. WAX!

Performance will take place June 13 at Barboza

CD/Album Track List:
• The Haunt
• Potential Belong
• Annexed
• Love Repeat
• Spirit
• Out of My Head Maybe
• The 5th Element
• My Life My Time Go In Time
•  You (Interlude)
• Night Sky (Bonus Track)

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