stratosphonic-iconStratosphonic is a music composition and sound design project based in Surrey, UK. Stratosphonic has over 20 years experience in music composition and sound design. A key aim of the project is to embrace a diverse range of sonic textures from a broad sound palette, and to meld and weave these elements to create cohesive, creative and imaginative music and sound compositions.

Stratosphonic works with both software and hardware-based instruments, and digital field recorders. There are always unusual and amazing sounds in the everyday environment to be captured and manipulated, and used alongside existing electronic instruments. The world around us is a never ending resource for sonic inspiration.

Recent work include creating music for production music libraries, sound to motion projects, producing the ‘World Elements’ and ‘The Next Dimension’ sample collections, and music for film. Stratosphonic is interested in collaboration with other artists on interesting projects, soundtrack work, music and sound design for Film / TV / Advertising / Online media etc etc.