Sound Bytes : Rob Clouth, 2Methyl, Clockvice and Known Rebel – by HEADPHONE COMMUTE Known RebelSound Bytes : Rob Clouth, 2Methyl, Clockvice and Known Rebel

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Known Rebel is a duo from Ibiza, Spain, comprised of Germán Escandell and Jaime Irles, who first got my attention back in 2011, with their debut full-length, Hollow, out on Tympanik Audio. The Ocelo EP hosts three atmospheric pieces (plus a remix), showcasing the evolution of their sound. These are cinematic soundscapes for deep forests, morning hikes and summer gatherings, punctuated by tight thumping bass, memorable melodies and downtempo rhythms. Affected vocals (think post-Burial future-garage ghostly loops) swirl in the smoky air rising above the campfires, lakes and cavernous drops.

The previously mentioned remix by Delete, lends a darker path along the journey, offering deeper bass, sighs, and post-everything-in-bass-music beats. The Rotterdam (Holland) based Mindtrick Records features this digital release along the roster of its usual suspects like Mobthrow, Semiomime, Tangent, Enk and Atiq (the label very own founder) – and definitely worth your time in exploration. For fans of Roel Funcken, Access To Arasaka, Hecq, r.roo and pretty much everything on Tympanik.

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