Review: Coreena Pre-Release Show at Barboza, 6/24 CoreenaReview: Coreena Pre-Release Show at Barboza, 6/24

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When I scope out live music it’s always a magnetic feeling for me to see the uninhibited excitement that up-and-comers tend to possess. I met one artist recently who sings from her soul. Her name is Coreena. She’s a lady who adds a refreshing element to Seattle’s most fundamentally evolving sounds. Her music is tonally beautiful, uplifting, viscerally smooth, and technically precise. I caught a glimpse of Coreena at her pre-release show for the new album, The Haunt, at Barboza on June 24th.


I was introduced to her a year prior at an electronic music event she put on at Vermillion. I was excited to find out that she plays all her own instruments, writes all the lyrics, and produces everything.


Coreena’s sound can reel you through a voyaged trek, as though you are roaming through ancient canyons while temple bells chime in the distance. All the while her sultry vocals will submerse you in airiness through a daydreamer’s passage.


Before the event I ran into opening act Richie Dagger’s Crime from CTPAK records just outside of the venue. He told me he wanted to be a part of the show to support Coreena in any way he could, and to showcase the single “Someday”, a collaboration between Coreena and himself. He says, “. . . an aspect of my music has beats and hip hop influences. It’s nice to be on a bill with others who embrace that. I like Dropping Gems: DJ AO and Jaboi Hobbess. I feel like their music is very compatible with my music.”


I also met collaborator Amy, founder of The Logan Foundation, a Suicide Prevention outlet. Coreena invited her to participate in the evening and donated a portion of the profits from the show to the organization. Please feel free to reach out to them and get involved.


The show was inspirational and compassionate. It was full of caring fun people, and good music. Coreena mentioned during her set that she wanted to sing and dedicate the song, “I Never Loved A Man” by Aretha Franklin to her mother who could not make it. The evening was deeply passionate and down-to-earth. I hope you all check out Coreena at The Haunt CD Release Show at the Sunset on July 27th.


all photos by Marz

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