Electronic Observations #5: Featuring Savaran SavaranThe Spaces In Between

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Date : September 1, 2014


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We’ve covered Savaran‘s work before but never in a solo album-length format. So it’s high time we corrected this oversight with The Spaces In Between, a record that touches on both pleasant, floaty ambient and more industrial, dark ambient without committing wholly to either. Savaran instead finds himself occupying the space in between, where one track is all shimmering, swooshy synth waves, and the next is characterised by grainy shards of digital crunch, but elements of each crop up on most of the tracks. Savaran’s been making ambient music for a good while now and it’s clear on this record he’s fully in command of his tools. “Signals Of Distress” is a particularly dense ambient excursion, while “Resistance” is the only place to locate a beat, and even then that is held back for maximum effect. The most impressive track here, though, is the least typical; closer “Glade” swaps the multi-keyboard layering for sparse electro-acoustic bowed strings, field recordings of birds and a distant choir – it’s a rather magical concoction and suggests there’s more in the spaces in between than you might think.

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