Collabs + Remixes

Coreena — Collabs + Remixes
Release date : Apr. 09, 2015
Label : Ember Music - EMBR021

New EP of Collabs + Remixes from Ember Music artist Coreena. Featuring collabs with Richie Dagger's Crime, Modal Morphosis, Noisegasm, Ember Music artists Kurt Lorenz and The Never Were and remixes by Kjell, Stan Dart and J. Ohm.

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Fake Empire — unseen
Release date : Nov. 25, 2014
Label : Ember Music - EMBR020

Unseen is the first official album release from Fake Empire. It collects his early experiments into electronic music, sound design and production. Unseen traverses many genres from glitch to ambient with an underlying industrial influence.

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uneven at 5am (downtown los angeles)

TraisKin — uneven at 5am (downtown los angeles)
Release date : Oct. 04, 2014
Label : Ember Music - EMBR019

A love-hate relationship with the developing city of downtown Los Angeles. Located and recorded in the Old Bank District from a high-rise on Spring Street. The sounds of the first 14 minutes after 5am.

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The Spaces In Between

Savaran — The Spaces In Between
Release date : Sept. 01, 2014
Label : Ember Music - EMBRlp007

Savaran brings together a collection of ten new tracks recorded between 2012 - 2014 for the album The Spaces In Between. Sound and emotion both combine on this album at the spaces in between

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Music For Astral Travelling

The A.M. Experiment — Music For Astral Travelling
Release date : Aug. 05, 2014
Label : Ember Music - EMBRlp006

18 tracks of deep, glitched-out, experimental ambient electronica... Music for your inner and outer journey.

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Constellations EP

Stalker VA — Constellations EP
Release date : May. 04, 2014
Label : Ember Music - EMBRep008

All music composed and produced by Dmitry Bezruchko Mastered by Marius C. Hammerich (Kikai) Artwork by Dmitry Bezruchko

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Ember Music Chain Album

Ember Music Chain Album
Release date : Apr. 14, 2014
Label : Ember Music - EMBRcomp002

Ember Music Chain Album Concept: This album started with an idea. Give an artist some random samples to use in an original track. Samples are then taken from the first track and given to the second artist to use. Samples from the second track are given to the third artist... on and on down the chain. The artists were not told whose samples they received nor to whom their samples would go. The artists were also sent an image as inspiration. The results are quite astounding. Credits: Tracks composed, performed and mixed by the respective artists. Mastered by Bill Bendrot. Album art/design by Kurt Lorenz. Chain album logo concept by Scott Brown. Album concept by Daniel J. Davis. Release date: 14 April 2014 EMBRcomp002 • © Ember Music 2014 •

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last year on earth

Kurt Lorenz — last year on earth
Release date : Jan. 15, 2014
Label : Ember Music - EMBRep007

"last year on earth" is the latest release from Ember Music co-founder Kurt Lorenz.

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Via Voltage — One
Release date : Jan. 01, 2014
Label : Ember Music - EMBRlp005

One is the debut full-length album from husband and wife duo Via Voltage. Feeling an absence of great synth-pop music born out of the 80’s they decided to give it new life in a current and exciting way. Their powerful use of counter-melodies, harmonies, and interwoven melodic conversations glimmer across the stereo spectrum making One a true Retro-Futuristic Synth-Pop experience.

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Slowly We Falter — Kyma
Release date : Oct. 18, 2013
Label : Ember Music - EMBRep006

This music was created using NOD-E, a wonderful instrument made by Antonio Blanca. The sounds you hear are randomly generated patterns created inside Reaktor (modular synthesis software) using various instruments connected to NOD-E. This is the sound of machines at play.

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Emersion EP

Stalker VA — Emersion EP
Release date : Oct. 18, 2013
Label : Ember Music - EMBRep005

Emersion is a 4 track EP by Stalker VA (Dmitry Bezruchko); a composer, music producer and sound artist from Kiev, Ukraine. Working mainly in the field of electronic and electroacoustic ambient music, incorporating synthesis, processed sounds, field recordings; investigating different timbres and creating atmospheric and cosmic soundscapes.

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CiViLX – Theory

CiViLX — CiViLX Theory
Release date : May. 10, 2013
Label : Ember Music - EMBRlp003

"CiViLX Theory" is the full-length debut album from Seattle, WA electronic music producer Christopher Riley.

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The Restoration of Abbie’s

Darren Borg — The Restoration of Abbie's
Release date : Jan. 13, 2013
Label : Ember Music - EMBPlp002

The Restoration of Abbie's is the first full-length album from DJ and electronic musician Darren Borg.

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Kurt Lorenz — Isaz
Release date : Jan. 01, 2013
Label : Ember Music - EMBRep004

The new year sees a new release of old material from Ember Music co-founder Kurt Lorenz. Isaz is a four track EP of experiments in sound, processed loops and field recordings. Most of these tracks were created between January and September 2009. The ep is available as a free download from Bandcamp.

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Golden Gardens – “Swirl” Æthelwulf (Noble Wolf) Mix

Kurt Lorenz — Golden Gardens -
Release date : Nov. 13, 2012
Label : Ember Music / Neon Sign - EMBRsngl001

Swirl is the lead track from the album "How Brave the Hunted Wolves" by Golden Gardens available from Neon Sigh November 13, 2012 - visit for more info. Golden Gardens is a Seattle, WA. duo comprised of Gregg Alexander Joseph Neville (Bass, Drums, Guitar, keyboards, Synths) and Aubrey Rachel Violet Bramble (Vocals, lyrics). Remix by Kurt Lorenz.

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The Beginning and the End

Darren Borg — The Beginning and the End
Release date : Feb. 29, 2012
Label : Ember Music - EMBRep003

The debut release from DJ and electronic musician Darren Borg, "The Beginning and the End" is a stunning 5 track EP of deep, atmospheric, electronica.

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Sentient Ocean

Solaris Affair — Sentient Ocean
Release date : Jan. 15, 2012
Label : Ember Music - EMBRep002

"Sentient Ocean" is the debut EP from the electronic artist known as Solaris Affair. Inspired by Solaris, the 1961 Polish science fiction novel by Stanisław Lem.

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Known Rebel — Hollow
Release date : May. 04, 2011
Label : Ember Music / Tympanik Audio - EMBRlp001

Employing a variety of styles of electronic music such as glitch, ambient, breaks, and electronica with expert subtlety and control, Known Rebel craft their sounds into breathtaking movements of auditory emotion that build elegantly and flow into marvelous finales. Poignant melodies, rich basslines, and lush synth measures serve as the undercurrent for wondrous atmospheres that embrace the listener, allowing plenty of room to breathe. Charming melodies, graceful fluidity, and an illuminating depth make 'Hollow' a must-have for those who appreciate classy bedroom IDM. Includes remixes by Jaime Irles and Mothboy plus bonus remixes by Roel Funcken (Funckarma), Lucidstatic, 2methylBulbe1ol, and Access To Arasaka.

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The General Analysis of Nature

Kurt Lorenz — The General Analysis of Nature
Release date : Mar. 21, 2011
Label : Ember Music - EMBRep001

5 track EP of electronic, ambient, experimental music by Seattle based designer and Ember Music co-founder Kurt Lorenz.

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Ember Music | Volume 1

Various Artists — Ember Music | Volume 1
Release date : Jan. 01, 2011
Label : Ember Music - EMBRcomp001

This first release by nonprofit label Ember Music is the rare find among multi-artist compilations that plays like a cohesive album rather than the disjointed offerings of its individuals. From the pensive introduction ("Huntitled III" by musician Murat Esmer) to the dark, haunted coda by New Englander MobiusB, the listener is led seamlessly through tracks that manage to differ vastly from one to the next without sacrificing unity. The album plays not only as a whole, but as an intelligent and detailed statement. We are taken on a dark, occasionally gloomy, but always thoughtful tour through this collection.

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