Mr Sandbags is Matt Mower from Berkshire, England.

An experienced software developer Matt got into making music by the roundabout route of releasing an innovative, hexagonal, software sequencer for the Mac, Elysium, and then figuring he’d better learn a bit about music in order to play with it.

From here he bought a lot of soft synths, started learning music theory, took up the piano, and got seriously into building offbeat samplers in Reaktor (the most notable of which, Reichatron, is an experiment in phase-shifted looping and was a top-5 download in the Reaktor User Library).

He’s most at home messing with looping processed noises, granular synthesis, and any kind of spectral *messing about*. Working mainly in Ableton Live Matt makes use of Reaktor, Max, MetaSynth, Omnisphere,
Kontakt, and way more effects than are good for him.

In 2010 Matt got together with singer and musician Sister Savage to form Elusive Gene a band that blends beats, piano ambiances, weird sounds, ethereal music, and haunting vocals.

Matt uploads tracks to Alonetone and  SoundCloud and you can read more about his setup, software, and custom instruments on his website.