The music of “Kikai” is inspired by machines and sounds from the early age of synthesizer music – freshed up with ambient and sonic elements.

Kikai does artists-coaching, song production and mastering for “peace-partners” and other social projects.

Kikai contributes to “peace-partners”, a global project for musicians, supporting AmnestyInternational.

Please note that all earnings from ‘kikai’-sales will be donated to choosen social projects across europe.

Contributing Musicians: Marius Hammerich (composition,machines,production), Kimberly Keck (lyrics,vocals), Knut Habicht (guitars), Marvin Ayres (strings), Christian Purwien (lyrics), James Eagalwulf (vocals,lyrics), Frank Weyzig (guitars,vocals), Paul Darlington (machines,field-recordings), Eric Roulston (machines) and many more.