ClarkGrogan-300x180Clark Grogan is a  Seattle-based composer and guitarist who’s musical output can only be described as diverse.  During his twenty plus year career in music, he has composed for, and performed with, ensembles of all sizes and styles.

Although his background is in jazz and twentieth century classical music, his current work explores and integrates sounds from genres as varied as ambient, glitch, downtempo electronica and industrial.

 “As a composer and improvising musician it is important to consider the sounds being made around you “now”, then decide on “how”, or even “if”, those sounds or concepts should be integrated into your current work. …once you make the decisions on language, you can then move forward to reflect and comment on the current creative environment and the culture at large.” 

“ That is the job of a composer in our current environment …a time when creative people have the ability to create any sound imaginable on their computers, wherever they are.. although it can be a little overwhelming, it is  an exciting time to be a content creator.”

Clark Grogan



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