New Release from Fake Empire

Ember Music artist Fake Empire (Scott Brown) has released his latest EP Fracture, featuring five tracks of electronic, ambient, industrial, experimental beats via his Bandcamp page.

“A selection of tracks initially conceived for a live event at The Incubator. The songs developed into a fully fledged EP in it’s own right as a consistency of sound and vision began to form during post event recording sessions and arrangement.”


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New Artist and Release – Mourning Moon – Mecha

Mourning Moon - Mecha - Album Cover

Ember Music welcomes our newest artist, Boston-based Mourning Moon.


Mourning Moon is an ambient electronic group who makes music similar to bands like múm, Boards of Canada, Massive Attack, Bjork, Tricky. Formed by McQ6 (John McKusick), who is bandmate to Ember artist Akisma in Band Without Hands, and former Produkt bandmate with MobiusB, Mourning Moon takes the listener on a diverse journey that spans the spacial and darker sides of ambient by mixing in influences from rock, downtempo, noise core and gamelan.


The first release, Mecha, is now available on Bandcamp. You can also follow them on Facebook.

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New Release from TraisKin: uneven at 5am (downtown los angeles)


We are very happy to announce the latest release from TraisKin, uneven at 5am (downtown los angeles). 

A love-hate relationship with the developing city of downtown Los Angeles. Located and recorded in the Old Bank District from a high-rise on Spring Street. The sounds of the first 14 minutes after 5am.

TraisKin2014I have a fascination with mechanical noises… loud mechanical things. I thought for sure that moving downtown in LA, I would have my share of these sounds. I thought I would have a plethora of sounds to choose from, but instead I found that all the sounds were always going at once and I really couldn’t concentrate on one individual sound. I noticed that this was an all-day thing, starting at 5am in the morning. After a while, I couldn’t decide if this kind of drone was a good thing or not. Ultimately, it turned out to be a hindrance….

Learn more about this release here.


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Ember Music MIXcast 024 – SeptEMBER 14

The Ember Music MIXcast is a regular helping of tracks by artists of the Ember Music label. This mixcast was compiled and mixed by William Bendrot.

Welcome to this month’s installment of the MIXcast. We’ve got new tracks from The A.M. Experiment, MobiusB, and a double helping of Savaran off of his new album “The Spaces In Between”, as well as a classic Carl Sagan’s Ghost track and a cut from the most recent album by Kikai.

Enjoy! And if you like what you hear on this MIXcast, please tell others, and then go to to discover more!

This MIXcast features:
01. The A.M. Experiment – The Thought of a Memory (0:00)
02. Savaran – Dubelectrons (2:40)
03. MobiusB – Zenith (6:42)
04. Carl Sagan’s Ghost – Solitude II (10:09)
05. Savaran – Resistance (15:15)
06. Kikai – Am’biento (23:49)

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