New Release EMBRlp003 – CiViLX Theory


We are very happy to announce our latest release, Theory by CiViLX. CiViLX is the electronic music project of Christopher Riley from Seattle, WA. and Theory is his full-length debut… 15 tracks of EBM and experimental industrial dance.


You can learn more and interact with CiViLX here:






(Album art co-created by Kurt Lorenz and Christopher Riley)

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Ember Music Welcomes Vries Veld

VriesVeld photo2

We are happy to announce the addition of Vries Veld to the Ember Music family of artists. VriesVeld (Tom Tulleners) is an electronic musician based in Amsterdam. VriesVeld is about journeys through sound…. bright & meditative ambient atmospheres, dark & deep soundscapes, experimental sound-design, binaural noises & drones.

Learn more about Vries Veld by visiting his artist profile page >>

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Featured Release – Observations by Savaran


This weeks featured release is Observations by Savaran.


Savaran is Mark Walters from Wales in the UK. He is an electronic musician, sound designer and sound artist working in the ambient, electronic, electro-acoustic and experimental genres from his small home studio on the Welsh border near Shrewsbury. Mark also works as a full-time archaeologist. His music is inspired by the random daily events that life throws at you, landscapes, environment, atmosphere, astronomy, geology, past cultures, or just the indefinable need to make music. His constantly evolving musical output has been released on a number of labels over the last year including Hofa Media, Wasamix, Gradient Audio, Ember Music, FeedbackLoop and Somehow Recordings.

The Audio Gourmet EP Observations includes four tracks recorded between April and July 2011 which tend to explore a far more acoustic and organic sound than previous releases. Opening track The Jewelled Sea blends coastal field recordings made on holiday in Scotland with gentle ripples of processed and sequenced synthesizer sounds that provide a background swell for the minutiae of hydrophone derived flotsam and jetsam.

Inside Out was inspired by a rainy Sunday morning in Islington, London observing umbrella clad passers-by from a cosy hostelry and soaking up the sights and sounds of the street scene.

Lost in Conversation is a live improvised piece played over the complex crosstalk of multiple conversations in a busy restaurant.

1860 Redux revisits a phonautogram of the oldest song recording made by Edouard-Leon Scott de Martinville in April 1860. The song Au Clair de la Lune was sung by an unknown performer and the original lasts just 10 seconds. The faint warbling voice on the original is lost in a fog of hiss and distortion which makes it quite a difficult listen. I stretched and processed the sound with reverbs to create a gentle wash that fades in and out of this ambient track as a small homage and remix of the original achievement.

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Featured Release – Ember Music – Volume 1 by Ember Music Label

This weeks featured release is Ember Music – Volume 1 by Ember Music Label.

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