Ember Music MIXcast 026 – DecEMBER 2014

The Ember Music MIXcast is a regular helping of tracks by artists of the Ember Music label. This mixcast was compiled and mixed by William Bendrot.

Welcome to our year-end 2014 installment of the MIXcast. We’ve got a perfect solstice/winter mix vibe for you this month with tracks new tracks from Kurt Lorenz, Fake Empire and a preview of an upcoming track from MobiusB. We’ve also got plenty more from Stalker VA, Known Rebel, Kikai, Vacant Mind, Savaran and Tangram, as well as a track from friend of Ember, Cruxes, from Austin Texas.

Enjoy! And if you like what you hear on this MIXcast, please tell others, and then go to EmberMusic.com to discover more! We thank you ALL for a fantastic 2014 and wish each and every one of you happy holidays and an amazing 2015!

01. Kurt Lorenz – Achiral (0:00)
02. Stalker VA – Constellations (2:18)
03. Vacant Mind – Light, It Surrounds You – Part 1 (6:52)
04. Known Rebel – Science (8:47)
05. MobiusB – Obiter Vitae [2014 Preview] (13:58)
06. CRUXES – Begin to Heal (17:23)
07. Kikai – Cedar Green (21:45)
08. Savaran – Hallows (29:14)
09. Fake Empire – Kairos (34:35)
10. Tangram – Land of Snow, Ice and Color (38:45)


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Friend of Ember Release: Crux by Cruxes

We’re happy to let all of you know of another great release by good friend of Ember, Austin TX’s Gabriel Sandoval, aka Cruxes. This is his first solo release in quite a while and it’s got a fantastic mix of ambient, electronic and alt-rock.

Here’s some info in Gabe’s own words:

Today I’m releasing my first solo record in years. It’s an instrumental post-rock record under the name CRUXES. I recorded all of this over the course of the last 4 months, but some of the songs are over 2 years old now and came as sketches that I then fleshed out piece by piece.

It’s FREE, so go grab it and let me know what you think! 

There are 9 songs on the record and along with the download you’ll get a piece of artwork that I made for each song. As the year goes by, I hope to come back to the project…maybe doing a live show or getting myself and friends to put vocals over the tracks. I’ll also be releasing more projects under different names since I have several that are almost completed. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to collaborate on anything musical, visual, or otherwise!

So, please if you dig sounds like Sigur Ros, The Pixies and Brian Eno, you’ll definitely want to give “Crux” a listen.


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