Introducing the Ember Music MIXcast

We’re debuting a new podcast this month that will run in addition to the regular Ember Music Podcast.

The Ember Music MIXcast is a pure music mix that features the work of our artists and is compiled and mixed by our own Graham Brinkert (Slaphappy Mortician).

The general vibe will vary from ‘cast to ‘cast and will also occasionally feature some unreleased or pre-Ember gems. We hope you enjoy!

The podcast is available on Soundcloud and iTunes.

The mixcast features:

  1. Mobius B – Pitter Patter of lil Beats
  2. Known Rebel – Anonnymous
  3. Skyfix – I Dreamed Li(v)es
  4. Savaran – Ritual
  5. Phytophile – A Man of Earth and Fire
  6. Murat Esmer – Highbrow Yokel        <–great title
  7. Akisma – Walk Around
  8. Mr. Sandbags – Busted Pianoid
  9. Kurt Lorenz – FluteGroove
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Ember Music Featured Artist: July 2010: SkyFix



“SkyFix (Ewoud Beaufays) grew up in Belgium, in a musical family and got taught the piano in 1996, when he was only seven years young. In 1998, he left the piano for what it was, and started a new passion called percussion. He was thought the drums, marimba, xylophone, timbales, … and contiued these lessons for about six years.

In ‘03-’04, due to the rise of popularity in drum and bass music, he got hooked to the electronic music scene.And it didn’t take long for him to start making his own electronic music… READ MORE>>

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