Ember Music MixCast 021 – June 2014 – Ambient

The Ember Music MIXcast is a regular helping of tracks by artists of the Ember Music label. This mixcast was compiled and mixed by William Bendrot.

This month has an ambient theme and contains some old and some new tracks by Ember Music artists, including a track from the brand new album from Tangram, “Repository”

This MIXcast features:
01. Carl Sagan’s Ghost – Especially for Them – Part 2
02. Savaran – Undercurrent
03. Aetheric Field – Mass
04. Sandbags – Music for Piano Drone #4
05. Robert Farrugia – Sun is Low; Breezes Fall
06. Tangram – The Public Static Void


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Ember Music MIXcast 017 – February 2014 – “State of the Label”

The Ember Music MIXcast is a regular helping of tracks by artists of the Ember Music label. This “State of the Label” MIXcast was compiled and mixed by Kurt Lorenz and features a track from all but one of our current artists…

This MIXcast features:

01. 12th House – Almost (OMD)
02. 52Kings – Shallow Waters
03. The A.M. Experiment – Cannibal Ferox
04. Aetheric Field – Birds
05. Akisma – Comfortable Ignorance
06. Beaufays (Skyfix) – Technological.Disobedience2
07. CiViLX – I Scream
08. Coreena – The Fifth Element (Dark Element Remix)
09. Daniel J. Davis – Miniature in CZ minor
10. Darren Borg – The Voice
11. Fake Empire – Nocturne01
12. Green Divide – Looney Tunes
13. Kikai – Mapping Waves (Demo)
14. Known Rebel – Interstellar
15. Kurt Lorenz – Lanterns of the Dead
16. MobiusB – Solaris
17. Mr. Sandbags – Celeano-1
18. Murat Esmer – Scarified
19. Nordmach – Krista
20. Robert Farrugia – Mist (sketch)
21. Saffron Slumber – Glade
22. Savaran – Scattered Light
23. Slaphappy Mortician (Graham Brinkert) – The Art of Losing (part a)
24. Slowly We Falter – Kyma.03
25. Solaris Affair – Simulacra
26. Stalker_VA – waiting for the morning
27. Tangram – Giragossian
28. TraisKin – Alice-Longitude 180
29. Vacant Mind – We Never left that moment did we
30. Via Voltage – Subdivision
31. VriesVeld – First Monday Vacuum

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3 New Artists Join Ember Music: Robert Farrugia, Slowly We Falter & Via Voltage

We are very happy to announce the addition of 3 amazing artists to the Ember Music family, Robert Farrugia, Slowly We Falter and Via Voltage.

Robert Farrugia

Robert Farrugia (born, 30th November 1994) is a Maltese musician, playing the piano/keyboard as his main instrument.  At an early age Robert started piano and music theory lessons focusing mainly on classical music.  Besides being a full-time university student, Robert still studies music in his free time, and recently he graduated with a Diploma in Music Theory (London College of Music). Farrugia is a self taught-guitarist, with a certain minimalist approach when it comes to composing/ performing.
Robert  is an Ambient/ Experimental/ Neo-classical artist from Malta, Europe. His work is mainly influenced on the styles of Hammock, Sigur Rós, Stars of the Lid and Brian Eno . His works are based mainly on vast Soundscapes integrated with piano tracks and to a certain extent, voice-over samples.
All of Robert material is completely home recorded. One can see that a minimalistic approach in his music is certainly prominent, ultimately creating these rather soothing and extensive soundscapes.
Robert also is the guitarist of Maltese post-rock band ‘ Shouting at Echoes’

Slowly We Falter


Slowly We Falter is a side project started by Scott Brown (Fake Empire) to delve into the experimental side of electronic music and sound design.

It is also an opportunity for him to explore creative limitation, restricting the instruments or software used for each project to inspire creative problem solving and a more minimalist approach.

“I always think that the best way to frustrate an artist is to give him absolute freedom. If you want to give artists some support, make rules about what they can’t do.”
– Peter Gabriel

Each Slowly We Falter EP will be created within a set of limitations to see how far I can push myself musically and also to deepen my understanding of the equipment I am working with.

The result will be released as an EP containing 4 songs that can be purchased via bandcamp.


Via Voltage


Retro-Futuristic Synth-Pop, Via Voltage creates inventive art that you can dance to. This is the newest venture by the prolific husband and wife duo J.D. and Natalie Osborn.

What really makes Via Voltage unique is their remarkable use of the duet. Counter-melodies, harmonies, and interwoven melodic conversations glimmer across the stereo spectrum. Feeling an absense of great synth-pop music born out of the 80’s they decided to give it new life and in a modern way.

Not satisfied with bumper-slogan religious songs their lyrics often reflect a deep spirituality that’s conveyed intelligently and intellectually. They sing about love, life, science and science-fiction.

The Osborns have composed original musical scores for the film The Preacher’s Daughter, a promotional video for TEDx Houston, and several radio PSA’s for the Houston Area Women’s Center. They were also featured on a tribute album to outsider artist Jandek (along with Jeff Tweedy of Wilco and more).


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