NEW RELEASE: Ember Music Chain Album

Ember Music Chain Album

We are very happy to announce the release of the Ember Music Chain Album. The album is available now via Bandcamp !

This album started with an idea. Give an artist some random samples to use in an original track. Samples are then taken from the first track and given to the second artist to use. Samples from the second track are given to the third artist… on and on down the chain. The artists were not told whose samples they received nor to whom their samples would go. The artists were also sent an image as inspiration.

The results are quite astounding.

Tracks composed, performed and mixed by the respective artists.
Mastered by Bill Bendrot.
Album art/design by Kurt Lorenz.
Chain album logo concept by Scott Brown.
Album concept by Daniel J. Davis.

Release date: 14 April 2014
EMBRcomp002  •  © Ember Music 2014



Nordmach – Angels to Anguish

Beaufays – In Between Two Seconds

Kikai – Cedargreen

Solaris Affair – Simulacra

Murat Esmer – Rhinoceroses

Daniel J. Davis – If You Have the Time

Known Rebel – Interstellar

Fake Empire – Symmetry of Solitude

Graham Brinkert – Drift Toward Absolution


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Ember Music MIXcast 017 – February 2014 – “State of the Label”

The Ember Music MIXcast is a regular helping of tracks by artists of the Ember Music label. This “State of the Label” MIXcast was compiled and mixed by Kurt Lorenz and features a track from all but one of our current artists…

This MIXcast features:

01. 12th House – Almost (OMD)
02. 52Kings – Shallow Waters
03. The A.M. Experiment – Cannibal Ferox
04. Aetheric Field – Birds
05. Akisma – Comfortable Ignorance
06. Beaufays (Skyfix) – Technological.Disobedience2
07. CiViLX – I Scream
08. Coreena – The Fifth Element (Dark Element Remix)
09. Daniel J. Davis – Miniature in CZ minor
10. Darren Borg – The Voice
11. Fake Empire – Nocturne01
12. Green Divide – Looney Tunes
13. Kikai – Mapping Waves (Demo)
14. Known Rebel – Interstellar
15. Kurt Lorenz – Lanterns of the Dead
16. MobiusB – Solaris
17. Mr. Sandbags – Celeano-1
18. Murat Esmer – Scarified
19. Nordmach – Krista
20. Robert Farrugia – Mist (sketch)
21. Saffron Slumber – Glade
22. Savaran – Scattered Light
23. Slaphappy Mortician (Graham Brinkert) – The Art of Losing (part a)
24. Slowly We Falter – Kyma.03
25. Solaris Affair – Simulacra
26. Stalker_VA – waiting for the morning
27. Tangram – Giragossian
28. TraisKin – Alice-Longitude 180
29. Vacant Mind – We Never left that moment did we
30. Via Voltage – Subdivision
31. VriesVeld – First Monday Vacuum

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Ember Music Chain Album Volume 1 is coming soon

We are very happy to announce our next compilation project Ember Music Chain Album Volume 1 is coming soon. The project started with an idea generated by Ember Music artist Daniel J. Davis… the concept was simple, give the first artist in the chain some samples and have them create a track using them… upon completion of their track they would pass samples from it on to the next artist in the chain. Included with the samples was an inspirational image (curated/created by Ember Music co-founder Kurt Lorenz) that would also serve as the artwork for each track and the album.

The first section of the chain will run like this:

01. Nordmach
02. Beaufays
03. Kikai
04. Solaris Affair
05. Murat Esmer
06. Daniel J. Davis
07. Known Rebel
08. Fake Empire
09. Graham Brinkert
10. Akisma

The project has taken a little longer to complete than anticipated and the decision was made to break it into smaller volumes in order to get the release out in 2013. We will start working on Volume 2 in the coming months and hope to release that in mid to late 2014.

As a special preview we have allowed Nordmach to share his track “Angels to Anguish” on his Soundcloud page.

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