12th House


12th House is Svein Welde from Trondheim, Norway. The twelfth house, house of inner living and boundless imagination. It is the natural house of the sign of Pisces and of planet Neptune.

Synthpop • Electronic • Experimental

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52Kings, Maurice Hall from Seattle, WA is known for his ability to communicate with the crowd so if you ever get to experience his live set you won’t be disappointed… Originally from New York, 52Kings has spent many years traveling the world, influencing him to compose releases with a very distinctive and unique sound.

Chillwave • Love Trap • Hip Hop

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The A.M. Experiment


The A.M. Experiment is Markus Liebhart from Marchtrenk, Austria.

Ambient • Electronic • Experimental

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Aetheric Field


Aetheric Field is an ambient/electronic music artist from the Pacific Northwestern region of the United States of America.

Ambient • Electronic • Experimental

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Akisma is the musical endeavor of Jess Jacobs. She plays, records, mixes, and sings almost everything heard on her tracks.

Electro-Acoustic • Electronic Pop

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“The Music I have been producing over the last year has deviated too far from the idea behind SkyFix, hence I have started a new project simply titled by my last name; Beaufays.”

Electronica • IDM

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CiViLX is the electronic music project of Christopher Riley from Seattle, WA. To entertain your ears, it’s an overall experience, a whole scene created for people to enjoy together.

Electronic • IDM • Industrial

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Clark Grogan

Clark Grogan is a  Seattle-based composer and guitarist who’s musical output can only be described as diverse. During his twenty plus year career in music, he has composed for, and performed with, ensembles of all sizes and styles.

Ambient • Electronic • Nu-Jazz • Experimental

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Coreena is a singer, songwriter, composer & recording artist based in Seattle, WA. Her sonic blend of electronics and melody makes her an artist you don’t want to miss on record or in a club.

Electronic • Electronic-Pop

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Daniel J. Davis


Daniel J. Davis is an ambient music producer from Seattle, WA.

Ambient • Chillout

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Darren Borg

Darren Borg is an electronic musician and DJ from G’Mangia, Malta. His music is an eclectic mix of melodic ambient & atmospheric-glitch-tronica.

Electronica • Melodic Ambient • Glitch-tronica

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Fake Empire


Fake Empire is the solo project of Scott Brown, a musician and graphic designer based in New Zealand.

Electronic • Electro-Rock • Electro-Industrial

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Green Divide


Green Divide is the musical alter-ego of David W. Green from Ingleside, TX.

Ambient • Synthscapes • Experimental

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The music of “Kikai” is inspired by machines and sounds from the early age of synthesizer music – freshened up with ambient and sonic elements.

Ambient • Electronica

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Known Rebel


Organic soundscapes, space trips and dark sounds… That’s Known Rebel, an electronic music duo from Ibiza consisting of Germán Escandell (1987) and Jaime Irles (1982), formed in Barcelona, Spain in 2009.

IDM • Downtempo • Electronica

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Kurt Lorenz


Kurt Lorenz (1971) is an electronic musician and creative media specialist based in Seattle, WA. He has been creating electronic music for over 20 years.

Electronica • Experimental • Ambient • Chillout

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Originally from New Jersey, MobiusB (William Bendrot) escaped and attended college at Boston’s Berklee College of music in 1992. After years playing rock and jazz, he switched gears and has been in the electronic scene since early 99 producing his own tracks and releasing them online.

Electronica • Electro-Acoustic • Ambient • Downtempo • IDM

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MOD.OP.SYS is the electronic // industrial // ambient music project of multi-instrumentalist producers Joe Love and Kurt Lorenz.

Electronic • Industrial • Ambient • Downtempo • IDM

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Mourning Moon

Mourning Moon - Noncompliant

Mourning Moon is a Lunar-based compilation of music that ebbs and flows through many genres of Electronic, Psychedelic, Shoegaze, Glitch, Ambient, Film Score, Horrorcore, and Gamelan.
Travel through time and space and into the darkest corners of the imagination in Mecha an Extradimensional exploration of the mind through sound.

Electronica • Psychedelic • Ambient • Downtempo • Shoegaze  • Glitch • Film Score • Horrorcore • Gamelan

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Mr. Sandbags


Mr Sandbags is Matt Mower from Berkshire, England. An experienced software developer, Matt got into making music by releasing an innovative, hexagonal, software sequencer for the Mac, Elysium, and then figuring he’d better learn a bit about music in order to play with it.

Ambient • Experimental

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Murat Esmer


Murat Esmer is a soundtrack/cinematic musician from İstanbul, Turkey. After being in various musical projects playing bass guitar and drums he triggered his own musical career in mainly ambient and electronic genre.

Cinematic • Electronica • Experimental

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The Never Were


The Never Were are multi-instrumentalists Joe Love & Kurt Lorenz, an electronic-industrial duo from Seattle WA..

Industrial • Electronic-Rock

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Christopher Blais/aka: Nordmach from Windsor, ON Canada – A 5th generation musician who has a love for all styles of music, but was really attracted to the synthesizer when he heard early recordings of Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk & Depeche Mode. Having played and recorded throughout Canada and the U.S., Chris has also had the opportunity to produce music for television, radio and independent films.

Cinematic • Electronica • Downtempo

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Robert Farrugia


Robert Farrugia (born, 30th November 1994) is an Ambient/ Experimental/ Neo-classical artist from Mosta, Malta. Robert’s work is mainly influenced by the styles of Hammock, Sigur Rós, Stars of the Lid and Brian Eno. His works are comprised mainly of vast soundscapes integrated with piano tracks and voice-over samples.

Ambient • Electronic • Experimental

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Saffron Slumber


Kevin Stephens has been writing music under the name of Saffron Slumber since 2004. Originally started as a project to explore ideas in ambient music, the project has continued to evolve over its lifespan to include aspects of noise, drone, and other forms of experimental composition.

Ambient • Soundscapes • Experimental

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Savaran is Mark Walters from Wales in the UK. After developing an early interest in electronic music in the mid 1980’s he moved away from the music scene to develop a career as an Archaeologist. In 2008 he returned to music and records from his home on the Welsh border near Shrewsbury.

Ambient • Field-Recordings • Experimental

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SkyFix (Ewoud Beaufays) grew up in Belgium, in a musical family.  In ’03-’04, due to the rise of popularity in drum and bass music, he got hooked to the electronic music scene.

IDM • Electronica

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Slaphappy Mortician

Give Up the Funk

Slaphappy Mortician’s exact whereabouts are unknown. Intelligence tells us he is headquartered close to a town called St. Peters Village in Southeastern Pennsylvania. These reports have not been verified.

Electronic • Experimental

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Slowly We Falter


Slowly We Falter is a side project started by Scott Brown (Fake Empire) to delve into the experimental side of electronic music and sound design. It is also an opportunity for him to explore creative limitation, restricting the instruments or software used for each project to inspire creative problem solving and a more minimalist approach.

Ambient • Electronic • Experimental

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Solaris Affair


Hello, we are Solaris Affair. We make electronic music and computer based visuals.

Electronica • Ambient • Experimental

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Stalker VA


Stalker VA (Dmitry Bezruchko) is a composer, music producer and sound artist from Kiev, Ukraine. Working mainly in the field of electronic and electroacoustic ambient music, incorporating processed sounds, field recordings, creating atmospheric and cosmic soundscapes, inspired by dreams, memories, visions, insights, strange places…

Ambient • Electronic • Experimental

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Stratosphonic is the music composition and sound design project of Nick Harrison. Based in Surrey, UK, Nick has over 20 years experience in music composition and sound design.

Electronic • Electro-Pop • Soundtrack

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Tangram is a music project founded in 2005, in Budapest, Hungary by Fabók Péter. It offers an unique and inspiring range of progressive electronic, ambient and other new electronic music styles. Live performances become a work of art in themselves, providing a rich experience that combines dynamic audio and visual elements.

Electronic • Ambient

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TraisKin (Tracie Stefansson) is an electronic sound artist originally from a small town near Chicago.  TraisKin has worked with various other sound artists from Norway, England, The Netherlands and San Francisco.

Experimental • Ambient • Field-Recordings

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Vacant Mind


Vacant Mind is the electronic music project of Kyle Freeland, a bedroom musician from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Kyle started creating music on cassette tapes with radio-waves, creating noise and dream-like soundscapes to soundtrack his walks through the woods with his Walkman.

Electronica • Downtempo • Ambient

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Via Voltage


Via Voltage creates inventive art that you can dance to. This is the newest venture by the prolific husband and wife duo J.D. and Natalie Osborn.

Retro-Futuristic Synth-Pop • Electronic

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VriesVeld photo2

VriesVeld (Tom Tulleners) is an electronic musician based in Amsterdam. VriesVeld is about journeys through sound….

Experimental • Ambient • Binaural

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