Akisma is the musical endeavor of Jess Jacobs. She plays, records, mixes, and sings mostly everything heard on her tracks; moonlighting occasionally is John McQ6.

First and foremost in love with sound, and in a constant affair with performance, her recent efforts “Mountain” and “Comfortable Ignorance” are part of a 5 song set that are being mishmashed up in a web presentation, art piece, what have you, that will draw on her strengths in music, programming, and data visualization. The goal is to re-present (not represent) reality in a form more visceral and personal than most are used to experiencing as we move farther and farther into a digital world.

Of course, there’s always a sense of humor about it all, too.

She loves to collaborate, whether jamming, remixing, being remixed, or some long distance experimental effort, so get in touch if you want to do something crazy (or normal).