Ember Music is an international artist-run label that focuses on electronic composition and production and was started in 2010.

Our goals are:

  • To bring exciting and dynamic electronic music to fans.
  • To build interaction and a sense of community between the artists and their fans as well as other artists.
  • To ensure that our artists are the ones that benefit and prosper from their labor. (Ember Music itself runs as a non-profit. Any proceeeds made go almost entirely to our artists).

You can find Ember Music at these sites:

A great way to get to know some of our artists is through our Podcasts:

Ember Music Podcast

(features interviews and information about our artists and select works):

Ember Music MIXcast

(a pure music-mix that features current as well as unreleased and pre-Ember works by our artists):
Mobile/non-Flash Browsers – Listen to the Ember Music Podcasts on Soundcloud or iTunes.