New Release from TraisKin: uneven at 5am (downtown los angeles)


We are very happy to announce the latest release from TraisKin, uneven at 5am (downtown los angeles). 

A love-hate relationship with the developing city of downtown Los Angeles. Located and recorded in the Old Bank District from a high-rise on Spring Street. The sounds of the first 14 minutes after 5am.

TraisKin2014I have a fascination with mechanical noises… loud mechanical things. I thought for sure that moving downtown in LA, I would have my share of these sounds. I thought I would have a plethora of sounds to choose from, but instead I found that all the sounds were always going at once and I really couldn’t concentrate on one individual sound. I noticed that this was an all-day thing, starting at 5am in the morning. After a while, I couldn’t decide if this kind of drone was a good thing or not. Ultimately, it turned out to be a hindrance….

Learn more about this release here.


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