Ember Music MixCast 023 – August 2014 – Chill

The Ember Music MIXcast is a regular helping of tracks by artists of the Ember Music label. This mixcast was compiled and mixed by William Bendrot.

We’ve got a lot of really fantastic chill/downtempo artists and this month’s MIXcast is a sampling of just a handful, both old and brand new. We’ve got two tracks from Vacant Mind’s new release “The Night is Over and Dawn is about to Break” (because I really liked both tracks and couldn’t decide which one to include :-)) As well as the opening track off of the brand new album from The A.M.Experiment.

Enjoy! And if you like what you hear on this MIXcast, please tell others, and then go to EmberMusic.com to discover more!

This MIXcast features:
01. The A.M. Experiment – Thinking
02. Kurt Lorenz – Specificity
03. 52Kings – Snow Blowin’
04. Carl Sagan’s Ghost – Sanpole
05. Vacant Mind – A way for the universe to understand itself
06. Tangram – Regrets are Just the Start
07. Solaris Affair – Thexall’s Swell
08. MobiusB – Solaris
09. Vacant Mind – Let’s Get Lost

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