New Kickstarter Project From Coreena


Ember Music artist Coreena has launched her Kickstarter project: “CD RELEASE LIVE PERFORMANCE

Money will go to purchase the following music equipment & music album manufacturing for CD RELEASE performance!
In my live performances I’m a one woman show! I like to sample, sing and construct songs live on the spot. I need the following equipment to do it!

Music Sampler – To harmonize and sing along with myself!

Effects Pedal – Makes it sound shiny 🙂

Mixer – Gotta make sure it sounds right to me and the audience!

Album/Wax manufacturing and production costs will cover the amount raised, yes actual Wax Albums. Having music on album is a great addition to offer and listen to music. WAX!

Performance will take place June 13 at Barboza

CD/Album Track List:
• The Haunt
• Potential Belong
• Annexed
• Love Repeat
• Spirit
• Out of My Head Maybe
• The 5th Element
• My Life My Time Go In Time
•  You (Interlude)
• Night Sky (Bonus Track)

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New EP from Known Rebel


Known Rebel are proud to present the digital release of their new EP “Ocelo” that will be released on the 5th of May 2014 by Mindtrick Records. It contains 3 tracks and a remix by Delete from Russia.

You can Pre order the EP Here:

Ya puedes reservar nuestro nuevo EP “Ocelo” que saldrá el 5 de mayo a través de Mindtrick Records.

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Ember Music MIXcast 019 – April 2014 – Artist Spotlight Vacant Mind

The Ember Music Mixcast is a regular helping of tracks by artists of the Ember Music label. This mixcast was compiled and mixed by Kurt Lorenz.

This MIXcast features:

01. Vacant Mind – Time Traveling to your Old House
02. Vacant Mind – Everything you Forgot
03. Vacant Mind – Climbing the Ladder
04. Vacant Mind – It Was Too Much for Him to Think About
05. Vacant Mind – Nothing but Pitiless Indifference
06. Vacant Mind – Sound of Silence Makes Me Happy
07. Vacant Mind – Give Me Truth
08. Vacant Mind – An Imaginary Light
09. Vacant Mind – Together Apart
10. Vacant Mind – My Friend Michael
11. Vacant Mind – Somewhere Lost in Time
12. Vacant Mind – Vinyl Memories Will Never Fade Away
13. Vacant Mind – New Song to Work On
14. Vacant Mind – We Never Left That Moment, Did We?

Ember Music MIXcast 019 – April 2014 – Artist Spotlight Vacant Mind by Ember Music is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence.
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Red Panda Lab Particle – Review and Demo by Ember Music artist Scott Brown

Ember Music artist Scott Brown (Fake Empire, Slowly We Falter) has posted a review and demo of the Red Panda Lab Particle. He also talks about some of the uses/techniques he discovered using the Particle so far.

Particle is a granular delay / pitch shifting pedal. It chops your signal into small grains and then does various strange, trippy, robot things to it, using the techniques of granular synthesis in real time. Results range from radical pitch and delay modulation to shimmering repeats to stutter/glitch sounds.

The audio demos were created by running an Elektron Machinedrum into the particle. It works particularly well with drum tracks so I wanted to show some of it’s potential. The audio was recorded into Logic via a Saffire Pro 40 interface.


Scott Brown

Red Panda Lab

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NEW RELEASE: Ember Music Chain Album

Ember Music Chain Album

We are very happy to announce the release of the Ember Music Chain Album. The album is available now via Bandcamp !

This album started with an idea. Give an artist some random samples to use in an original track. Samples are then taken from the first track and given to the second artist to use. Samples from the second track are given to the third artist… on and on down the chain. The artists were not told whose samples they received nor to whom their samples would go. The artists were also sent an image as inspiration.

The results are quite astounding.

Tracks composed, performed and mixed by the respective artists.
Mastered by Bill Bendrot.
Album art/design by Kurt Lorenz.
Chain album logo concept by Scott Brown.
Album concept by Daniel J. Davis.

Release date: 14 April 2014
EMBRcomp002  •  © Ember Music 2014



Nordmach – Angels to Anguish

Beaufays – In Between Two Seconds

Kikai – Cedargreen

Solaris Affair – Simulacra

Murat Esmer – Rhinoceroses

Daniel J. Davis – If You Have the Time

Known Rebel – Interstellar

Fake Empire – Symmetry of Solitude

Graham Brinkert – Drift Toward Absolution


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