New Release: “Kyma” by Slowly We Falter

SWF-Kyma Cover

We are happy to announce our latest official release “Kyma” by Slowly We Falter. Kyma is a 4-track EP created created using NOD-E, a wonderful instrument made by Antonio Blanca. The sounds you hear are randomly generated patterns created inside Reaktor (modular synthesis software) using various instruments connected to NOD-E.

This is the sound of machines at play.


Slowly We Falter is a side project started by Scott Brown (Fake Empire) to delve into the experimental side of electronic music and sound design. It is also an opportunity for him to explore creative limitation, restricting the instruments or software used for each project to inspire creative problem solving and a more minimalist approach. Each Slowly We Falter EP will be created within a set of limitations to see how far Scott can push himself musically and also to deepen his understanding of the equipment he is working with.

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