Welcome to Ember Music

Today, Ember Music begins….

Hello all and welcome to the launch of Ember Music. We are an artist owned and run label that currently specializes in electronic music and composition.

Our artists are a divese mix that come from all over the world. Some already have a following, some are finally beginning to get the exposure they deserve.

This site and label aim to grow into something more than the traditional static record label website. As we get going over the next few months we aim to create a site that builds community not only out of fans, but other artists as well. The Ember artists have knowledge and many creative talents in addition to their music works.

Topics you’ll come to find here include:

  • Production and composition
  • Sound Design (field recordings, samples, loops)
  • Music-related programming (Max/MSP, Reaktor, PureData)
  • Video design and performance (Jitter, Arkaos, etc…)
  • Music business

Overall the purpose and goal of this label and site is to get our artists heard and give them a venue to talk about what moves and drives them. If you have come here because of one artist, check out the others. Chances are very good that you’ll dig them too!

So, please check back with us regularly as we get the site and content off the ground. We’ll be rolling out the community aspects in the coming months and will be adding more artists as well. In the meantime, take a look at the artists that are here now and enjoy their work!

-Ember Music

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