The A.M. Experiment is Markus Liebhart from Marchtrenk, Austria. Born in 1979 and raised in Tyrol, Austria, Markus had 6 years of piano lessons and has been involved in creating electronic music since 2004. Markus currently uses a laptop running FL Studio & NI Maschine.



Shapeshifter is an amazing new release from Ember Music artist Tangram (Peter Fabok) and features 7 deep ambient pieces.

This album is like the primordial soup: it could be anything, it can evolve, contains a lot of fertile material. This is the base: the next albums will grow from this music.


New Release from Fake Empire

Ember Music artist Fake Empire (Scott Brown) has released his latest EP Fracture, featuring five tracks of electronic, ambient, industrial, experimental beats via his Bandcamp page. “A selection of tracks initially conceived for a live...

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