VacantMind2Kyle Freeland is a bedroom musician from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan who started making music on cassette tapes with radio-waves, creating noise and dream-like soundscapes to soundtrack his walks through the woods with his Walkman.

With his “Music has the Right to Children” listening going into the 1000’s, Kyle started trying to create his own sounds and liked to pretend that maybe he was a missing member of Boards of Canada. Having no training, but knowing that he wanted to make something new to listen to, with just a keyboard, an FM transmitter, an old electric guitar and a delay pedal, he went to work on his first project “Secret Weapon,” recording 4 Cassette’s under that moniker. Once learning the ins and outs of music making and spending some time refining his sound, Vacant Mind was born.

The creation of my music never starts with a fully realized idea, it’s all about the noise and feeling at the present time, and creating a mood with immediate sound construction. Most of my music is improvised and finished within a short period of time. But one thing is for sure, I never imagined having any listeners so I thank everyone of you for taking the time to listen, it means the world to me…







YouTube: Vacant Mind Playlist