Savaran is Mark Walters from Wales in the UK. After developing an early interest in electronic music in the mid 1980’s he moved away from the music scene to develop a career as an Archaeologist. In 2008 he returned to music and records from his home on the Welsh border near Shrewsbury.

His music crosses many of the electronic genres but leans toward the ambient, experimental, electro-acoustic, cinematic and soundscaping styles of production. The music is inspired by the random daily events and occurences that life throws at you, landscapes, nature, environment, atmosphere, astronomy, geology, past cultures or just the indefinable need to make music.

His music has appeared on numerous labels including Ember Music, Flaming Pines, Somehow Recordings, Gradient Audio, Audiogourmet, FeedBackLoop, Wasamix, Futuresequence and Hofa Media. He has appeared on net radio shows across the World and collaborates widely with other artists on compilation or album projects.








Music for Haiti