uneven at 5am (downtown los angeles)
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TraisKin — uneven at 5am (downtown los angeles)
Release date : Oct. 04, 2014
Label : Ember Music - EMBR019
  1. uneven at 5am (downtown los angeles) - 14:20


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A love-hate relationship with the developing city of downtown Los Angeles. Located and recorded in the Old Bank District from a high-rise on Spring Street. The sounds of the first 14 minutes after 5am.

TraisKin2014I have a fascination with mechanical noises… loud mechanical things. I thought for sure that moving downtown in LA, I would have my share of these sounds. I thought I would have a plethora of sounds to choose from, but instead I found that all the sounds were always going at once and I really couldn’t concentrate on one individual sound. I noticed that this was an all-day thing, starting at 5am in the morning. After a while, I couldn’t decide if this kind of drone was a good thing or not. Ultimately, it turned out to be a hindrance. I was living in the Old Bank District on Spring street, in a noisy building. The floors of my loft were concrete so I could hear my upstairs neighbor walking around. This individual was up at all hours, walking around in heels. That, on top of the construction noise outside my window, became less and less interesting. Eventually, after a year, I had to move to a quieter area. I simply couldn’t record without picking up an outside sound.

However, I still like certain city sounds, especially in this recording. There are certain sounds that just have a magnificent tonality. This can be heard at the beginning of the piece, but gradually it gets covered up by other new sounds. It is amazing how quick the noise level rises in just 14 minutes. I wanted to capture those layers because I didn’t want to forget downtown’s mechanical innocence.. a recording of the birth of a new city.

Equipement used: 4 iphones, Macbook Pro, Logic Pro.

Recording and photography: TraisKin
Album Cover Design: Kurt Lorenz
Mastering: Bill Bendrot