Music For Astral Travelling
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The A.M. Experiment — Music For Astral Travelling
Release date : Aug. 05, 2014
Label : Ember Music - EMBRlp006
  1. Finding Peace At The End
  2. Subterranean Nation
  3. (You're A) Virus In Pants
  4. Dead Trees
  5. Cellarium
  6. Book Of Cancer (Part I)
  7. Supersolid
  8. Weeping
  9. At Dawn Of A Bad Day
  10. Pidhirtsi Castle
  11. Heliophobia
  12. Friedrich Spee
  13. Forgotten Postcard
  14. Book Of Cancer (Part II)
  15. Dirt
  16. The Clearing
  17. Thinking
  18. Loner


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We are happy to announce our latest release from The A.M. Experiment, Music For Astral Travelling. 18 tracks of deep, glitched-out, experimental ambient electronica… Available now as a “name your price” download from The A.M. Experiment Bandcamp page.

Music For Astral Travelling: Track by Track

01 Finding Peace At The End

Alas! What a good start for an album, right? The words, spoken by Peter ‘Robocop’ Weller, are taken from a reading of ‘Steppenwolf’ by Hermann Hesse. This is one of my favourite passages, you could say that this 2 pages changed my life when I was about 15. The instrumental piece was finished a few months before I had the idea to assemble it with the reading. (You can find it on some B-Side). Great deal of work, but it was worth it.

02 Subterranean Nation

This one grew up from a spare piano melody. Long, trippy, maybe too long, but if it was shorter, the atmosphere would get lost.

03 (You’re A) Virus In Pants

The first track I completed for this album. I needed to make something wilder than my previous records. The title refers to a quote by Bill Hicks (“I’m tired of this back-slappin’ ‘’isn’t humanity neat’’ bullshit. We’re just a virus with shoes.”)

04 Dead Trees

Don’t you feel like a snag sometimes?

05 Cellarium

Months went by, and I still was not satisfied. Not until I wrote the second part; now the whole thing is a circle and feels complete. The first part sounds like NIN, while the second one like Björk, I think.

06 Book Of Cancer (Part I)

Originally written for ‘Deathletters’, but sounded to lightweight. It’s about the bad news, desperation and again, finding peace in the end.

07 Supersolid

It’s time to return to some IDM music. You’ll hear that Gu Zheng instrument more often on this record.

08 Weeping

Well, here for example. Even a Gu Zheng solo piece. And again 3 different parts, that melt together.

09 At Dawn Of A Bad Day It was a bad day, when I created this one. I tried it with a pad-synth, and with a piano. Finally, I put them together, and it worked fine. Still, a piano is one of the most wonderful sounds man ever created.

10 Pidhirtsi Castle

…(also Podgoretsky castle or Castle Podhorce) is located about 50 miles east of Lviv on T1413, in Pidhirtsi, Lviv Oblast, Ukraine. It is now abandoned, restauration takes a long time. Meanwhile there’s a piece for cembalo and strings.

11 Heliophobia

One more piece featuring Gu Zheng, and a really heavy bass-synth. If you are afraid of the sun or sunlight, this summer could be an easy time for you.

12 Friedrich Spee

Friedrich Spee (1591-1635) was a german Jesuit and poet, most noted as an opponent of trials for witchcraft. Spee was the first person in his time who spoke strongly and with arguments against torture in general. He may be considered the first who ever gave good arguments why torture is not a way of obtaining truth from someone undergoing painful questioning. I read about him in a book about the history of torture, and think that he’s one of those wrongfully forgotten bright personalities of human history. This is his song.

13 Forgotten Postcard

Do you remember the last time you got an exciting letter?

14 Book Of Cancer (Part II)

The piano section of the first part, developed further. It’s a mess, but still beautiful.

15 Dirt

This was an experiment, rather a B-Side… but it sounds really crazy, and doesn’t fit to the rest of the album, so I decided to add it anyways…

16 The Clearing

This was made of a 40 second guitar section. Tons of effects, mostly different kinds of reverb and delay. We all, the whole world needs a clearing; from all the things and thoughts we suffer, like money, religion, violence and fear.

17 Thinking

One of my favourites. Simple but very beautiful, straight and melodic. Ceiling gazing for rookies.

18 Loner

I don’t know why, but this one is dedicated to Mark Oliver Everett (Eels). This sound reminds me of him, sitting around, some time in the 80’s, and early 90’s. But it’s also for you and me and all the other loners out there.