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William Bendrot – MobiusB



Originally from New Jersey, MobiusB (William Bendrot)  attended college at Boston’s Berklee College of music in 1992. After years playing rock and jazz, he switched gears and has been in on the electronic scene since early 1999 producing his own tracks and releasing them on his site.

In 2000 MobiusB started releasing new material with a much more produced and complete feel. Mobius started rising through the ranks of the multitude of talented New England area DJs and producers spinning his own unique blend of original and released acid breaks, progressive trance, nu skool and ambient as well as video art at such venues as the Exchange, Jose McIntyres, The International, Dimension, Paddy Burkes, The Middle East, The Sugar Shack, ManRay, Evos and The Phoenix Landing. Mobius both works in the electronic group ‘Produkt’ as well as on solo works, and live shows in local Boston/Lowell avante-electro group “Hypocycloid” and brings live electronic drumming and percussion, bass, synth and sequencing and some of the DJ sensibilities and tools of the dance floor to the table as well as some technical wizardry and psychedelic visual artwork and film.

Moving to North Carolina in 2007, he began to take a more hybrid approach between the synthetic and the material by mixing in live guitar melded with guitar synth, as well as bass and live percussion and moved into a more cinematic and ambient groove influenced direction. This was reflected in his 2009 release ‘Ether‘ (also available on iTunes) which has strong ambient elements to it but still contains live guitar and bass in addition to lush synth programming.

In 2010 the EP ‘Homework Vol 1’ was released and touches on a number of styles (IDM and rocktronica to name two) and represents a collection of more experimental works. One track, ‘Ouraborus’ is also featured on classical tubist Joanna Ross Hersey’s album ‘O quam mirabilis‘, which he also co-produced and engineered, was released in February 2010.

In 2015 he composed four tracks on Joanna Hersey’s album ‘ZigZags’ as well as co-produced and engineered the entire album.

Now residing in Austin Texas, he continues to experiment with new sounds and production methods.


New Music (2014)

Ether – released 9/2009

Homework Vol 1 (EP – 2010)