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Red Panda Lab Particle – Review and Demo by Ember Music artist Scott Brown

Ember Music artist Scott Brown (Fake Empire, Slowly We Falter) has posted a review and demo of the Red Panda Lab Particle. He also talks about some of the uses/techniques he discovered using the Particle so far.

Particle is a granular delay / pitch shifting pedal. It chops your signal into small grains and then does various strange, trippy, robot things to it, using the techniques of granular synthesis in real time. Results range from radical pitch and delay modulation to shimmering repeats to stutter/glitch sounds.

The audio demos were created by running an Elektron Machinedrum into the particle. It works particularly well with drum tracks so I wanted to show some of it’s potential. The audio was recorded into Logic via a Saffire Pro 40 interface.


Scott Brown


Red Panda Lab

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Savaran featured on Tessellate Recordings: Earthtones


Ember Music artist Savaran (Mark Walters) shares more info about the forthcoming compilation Earthtones from Tessellate Recordings.

Harry Towell, owner of the Audio Gourmet and Tessellate Recordings labels, is putting together an interesting new compilation of experimental/ambient music called Earthtones. Proceeds from the sale of digital downloads on Bandcamp will go directly towards the funding of future physical release projects on the label.

There’s an international roster of artists who have submitted tracks, including yours truly, and the release will be a 26 track album running at 2 hours long ! The brief was to submit a track of music inspired by the artists home location and to also include a photograph of the area which has some resonance or connection with the artist.

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