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Ember Music MIXcast 019 – April 2014 – Artist Spotlight Vacant Mind

The Ember Music Mixcast is a regular helping of tracks by artists of the Ember Music label. This mixcast was compiled and mixed by Kurt Lorenz.

This MIXcast features:

01. Vacant Mind – Time Traveling to your Old House
02. Vacant Mind – Everything you Forgot
03. Vacant Mind – Climbing the Ladder
04. Vacant Mind – It Was Too Much for Him to Think About
05. Vacant Mind – Nothing but Pitiless Indifference
06. Vacant Mind – Sound of Silence Makes Me Happy
07. Vacant Mind – Give Me Truth
08. Vacant Mind – An Imaginary Light
09. Vacant Mind – Together Apart
10. Vacant Mind – My Friend Michael
11. Vacant Mind – Somewhere Lost in Time
12. Vacant Mind – Vinyl Memories Will Never Fade Away
13. Vacant Mind – New Song to Work On
14. Vacant Mind – We Never Left That Moment, Did We?

Ember Music MIXcast 019 – April 2014 – Artist Spotlight Vacant Mind by Ember Music is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence.
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