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 Ember Music Chain Album



This album started with an idea. Give an artist some random samples to use in an original track. Samples are then taken from the first track and given to the second artist to use. Samples from the second track are given to the third artist… on and on down the chain. The artists were not told whose samples they received nor to whom their samples would go. The artists were also sent an image as inspiration.

The results are quite astounding.

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Ember Music MIXcast 027 – January 2015

This month we've got new tracks from The Never Were featuring fellow Ember artist Coreena, Clark Grogan, Kurt Lorenz and Fake Empire. As well as a track that was composed for Tuba artist Joanna Ross Hersey's new album ZigZags and features MobiusB.

Ember Music MIXcast 026 – DecEMBER 2014

We’ve got a perfect solstice/winter mix vibe for you this month with tracks new tracks from Kurt Lorenz, Fake Empire and a preview of an upcoming track from MobiusB. We've also got plenty more from Stalker VA, Known Rebel, Kikai, Vacant Mind, Savaran and Tangram, as well as a track from friend of Ember, Cruxes, from Austin Texas.

Ember Music MIXcast 025 – NovEMBER 2014

This month we've got a moody mix perfect for the shift to shorter and progressively colder days with a great darker block of tracks in the middle from Graham Brinkert (with some assistance from Savaran), Slowly We Falter and The A.M. Experiment. These are all bookended by tracks from Darren Borg, Kurt Lorenz, Tangram, an oldie from Known Rebel and another new track off of Savaran's latest album.
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